New in town: Onné — Minimalist fusion Japanese cafe with warabi mochi & miso carbonara

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Singaporeans just can’t get enough of Japanese food, and the newly opened cafe, Onné, is yet another location to splurge on.

Onné, located along Kampong Bahru Road, opened on 15 Jul 2023. The minimalist cafe offers Japanese fusion dishes, drinks and desserts, with simple yet stylish interior decorations.

onne - pasta

Grab a bite of Onné’s interesting fusion pasta dishes, which combine Italian and Japanese flavours. The Hotaté Aglio é Olio (S$22) is made with fettucine, aburi hotate and 3 kinds of tobiko, while the Pasta Cresmosa di gambi (S$24) would appeal more to seafood lovers, as it contains tagliatelle, seared prawns, dashi prawn bisque and dashi leaf.

Other mains to look forward to at Onné are the Carbonara Miso (S$21), topped with torched miso pork jowl and ikuraMasago Pasta (S$17), made with dashi cream with shoyu, and Oyakodon (S$14), which contains dashi broiled chicken, negi and katsuobushi.

For something a little more familiar, opt for the Melting Beef Don (S$21) and Unagi Don (S$19).

onne - warabi mochi
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Sooth your sweet tooth by ordering Onné’s Mochi Waffles, available in the flavours of Dirty Charcoal (S$9) and Matcha Green Tea (S$9). How about some bouncy Warabi Mochi (S$8)Kuzukiri (S$7) or Matcha-misu (S$6), which is a matcha-fied take on tiramisu?

Onné also has All Day Breakfast dishes like Onné’s Breakfast Waffles (S$17), which are charcoal waffles topped with orange jam, cream cheese, strawberries, blueberries and crushed walnuts, and the Classic Big Breakfast (S$22), containing sourdough, roasted tomatoes, scrambled eggs, pan seared bacon and breakfast sausage.

onne - coffee

For a quick cuppa, the cafe offers a few drinks, including classics like Espresso (S$3.50) and Earl Grey (S$5.50). For something a little more unique, go for the Sencha Yuzu (S$5.50) and Lavender Yuzu Houjicha (S$6). If you’re a matcha lover, Onné has a Matcha Latte (S$6.50) and Dirty Matcha (S$7) for you to savour.

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